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Is your computer slow or infected? Is your wireless not working properly? Is your digital photo collection getting unwieldy? We can help with all your tech support needs.

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"I run my business from a home office. Brad has helped me several times over the past few years by providing IT services as well as software training. He provides quality, responsive service at a great value. I appreciate that Consumer Tech Support "has my back" when I encounter computer problems that I am not equipped to handle on my own."  -Patty Osterberg

"I've called upon Brad several times for his expertise with Networking and Microsoft Operating systems. He's very efficient, reasonable and always on time. I've recommended him to all of my friends and family members."  -Bill Owen

"Brad has saved me and my desktop and laptop PC's on numerous occasions. He provided stellar technical service, networked my entire home, (PCs and printers). He charges a reasonable cost that is provided and agreed to before the work begins."

-Katy Smith


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